Thinking of a new construction home? Building a new home lets you personalize your house for today’s needs and tomorrow’s dreams. But there are a lot of options to consider before you take this step.

New or Existing?

Do you want a new home or existing home? There’s something inherently appealing about a brand new house. You get to pick out the countertops, drapes, and appliances, and have everything designed just the way you want it. New houses often come with more space and better appliances, require less immediate fix-up work, and are more energy-efficient than older ones, all at a competitive price.

Pre-Built Spec, or Customize Your House?

If you decide on a new home, would you prefer a “spec” or pre-built home, or do you want to work with a builder to design your own house? Buying a new, pre-built home allows you to see exactly what you’re getting and move in right away. Most new homes come with a home warranty so you’re protected against the failure of any major systems.

Which Builder Do You Choose?

There are two basic types of builders: production and custom. With a production builder – one who designs an entire neighborhood of homes, or builds from their selection of floor plans with few options to customize – you may get to select things like paint, carpet, and so on. Custom built homes, however, are one of a kind, and you’ll be involved in every aspect of its design, finishes, location and lot site.

If you decide to work with a builder, how do you decide which builder to choose? The most important factor in buying a new house is not what you buy (that is, the particular model), but rather who you buy it from. Responsible builders, like our friends at Alturas Homes, understand that they have a reputation to protect, are focused on constructing homes that live up to high standards of quality, and remain available should issues arise.

There truly is a lot to consider when doing new construction, and Broadbent Boise is here to help! Our services are free to our buyers because our commission is paid for by the builder at closing, that cost is built into the price of the home.

So Why Not Use Our Team to Represent You?

Broadbent Boise can guide you through the whole process, from helping you choose a builder that suits your needs, to reviewing contracts and deadlines, assessing future resale value, even offering our input on layout and design (if you want). It doesn’t cost you any extra money to have someone on your side representing your best interests.